If the fault is illuminated in YELLOW this
usually means visit workshop as soon as possible. The illuminated item is normally disabled and not functioning.
If the fault is illuminated in RED this usually means STOP immediately as the fault is dangerous.
You should make arrangements to recover you car to a workshop or call your vehicle breakdown provider.
In the first instance always consult your vehicles handbook!
NOTE: Most breakdown recovery services will only recover once, so get recovered straight to a workshop, to save money later!


To check availability and book an appointment follow the
simple steps below & don't worry payment isn't due until
work is fully completed.
   1.    Click on week required below or select arrow to scroll to
           future week required.
    2.    Look under day of week required.
    3.    Click on time slot highlighted to select.
    4.    Follow simple on screen instructions to fill in booking form.






























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